our Limits:
- While using our VPS’s we ask for a fair usage of CPU on all of our VPS Services. In the case of major disruption to other customer on the same node as you we reserve the right to cap your VPS. If disruption continues after contacted, Tactical VPS reserves the right to suspend your VPS at any time.

What we don’t allow::


  •  Torrenting
  • Fraud websites – Phishing websites
  • Spamming (EMAIL and SEO TOOLS)
  • Gambling websites
  • Nulled Scripts
  • Warez Hosting
  • Warez Linking
  •  Child Porn (under 18)
  • Racist websites
  • MINING SOFTWARE - Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETC
  • TOR Exit Nodes


-Your responsible for your data and Tactical VPS will not be held responsible for the loss of any data. So please make sure to keep timely backups! Its your data so keep backups!

Irc/GameServers/Legal Adult Content:

- All of the above are allowed on Tactical VPS servers expect on the LA NODE.

- Your servers will be setup instantly after payment is confirmed. However if you?re buying a control panel such as cPanel or Direct Admin please allow up to 24 hours for installation.

Refund Policy:
- If you request a refund with in your first 7 days of  NEW SERVICE. The refund shall be granted. The only exceptions to this clause is that YOU the account holder,  are using the VPS in a manner that is CONSIDERED ABUSE! For example is spamming etc!


If you’re found to open disputes against Tactical VPS you risk terminating your service without any refund. Once a dispute has been made your service will be automatically suspended until dispute has been resolved.

Server Abuse::
- Attempting to damage or cause harm to a customer or an Tactical VPS server is strictly prohibited. If you’re caught violating our policy your account will be terminated immediately without any refund.

Refusal Of Service:
- We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. We are not obligated to disclose the reason to you. At any given time Tactical VPS reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend, at our sole discretion.

Violations of Terms::
- If you’re caught violating the terms of service your account may be suspended or canceled. We strictly enforce our rules and will not associate ourselves with anyone breaking them. Suspected users who are violating the terms should be referred to; All cases will be investigated in a timely manner.

Account Activation::
- Once activated with Tactical VPS you agree to comply with our terms of service.
- Abuse or threats to Tactical VPS staff members will not be tolerated and could lead to automatic suspension.
- No one is responsible but yourself for the content stored on your service from Tactical VPS.
- We reserve the right to change any term at any given time.